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About Us

Joyoung specializes in manufacturing high-tech and great performance productions, has been co-operating with major worldwide brands, such as GIANT、RedFox、Barts、H/H、Danskin、ellesse、ARENA、Black & White、BRIDGESTONE、Kissmark、Primaloft…and so on.


Joyoung also pays continuous attention on the trend of fabrics, thus we are always sourcing for ever-innovative fabrics all the time and keep our company professional and skillful in this fast-changing world. 

In order to provide prompt service to our customers, JOYOUNG Shanghai Branch was formed; JOYOUNG also builds manufactories to meet our customer needs and provide our customers diverse choices and services in the textile industry.


Joyoung participates large exhibitions and seminar in the world actively, for keeping up with the world, expanding the market and arouse more business opportunities.
In addition, Joyoung also paying great attention on the employee’s training, making all employees working diligently, always meets the needs of our customers.

In order to guarantee Joyoung’s quality can reach the top-class request, we establish fabric quality control workshop and try our best to make our customers satisfied. We ensure all the fabric can
be 100% inspected!

Vision, Goal and Promises.

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