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Circle Knitting Department

For providing customers with more efficient and convenient services, Joyoung purchases the latest circle knitting machine sets from overseas, which can respond customer’s requests right away and carry out the latest development.


 Digital Printer 

Joyoung's design team provides our customers professional services.


  • We develop and design all kinds of fabric according to your needs and also import latest machine with top quality and incorporate the most advanced technology.

  • Digital printer has high production and high customization. With its high quality and non-polluting manufacturing process allows you to minimize development cost, shorten production time and strengthen competitiveness.


Functional Fabric

 Quick Drying 
Absorb sweat, the proliferation of quick-drying, the use of special shaped veil.


Sweat-absorbent, casual and quick-drying, to prevent damage to the skin.


Sweat absorption, diffusion and quick-drying, and reduce body temperature.

 Soft & Warm 

Cool, heat, soft.


Sweat absorption, diffusion and quick-drying, effective suppression and odor.

 Bamboo Healthy 
Far infrared, deodorizing, antibacterial, negative ion function.

 Eco Botly  

Environmental regeneration, energy saving, waste reduction, and caring for the earth

 COFFIE yarn 

Quick-drying, odor control, and isolation of ultraviolet, the Environmental Protection


The special structure of the functional material, excellent elongation and ultra-high recovery capability, soft to the touch.

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